“One of the nicest thing about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is that we are doing and devote our attention to eating”

Luciano Pavarotti

In her own words Clare explains the drive behind Chef by the sea. I love to create and cooking is very much a creative pursuit. To be able to start with a set of materials and end up with a complete dish is something that I find very fulfilling. I also enjoy the nuances that come with cooking, the fact that by altering the quantity of an element in a recipe, increasing or lowering the cooking temperature, a dish can turn out very differently to a previous effort, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It’s a constant learning process.

My cooking is relaxed, casual and family centred. I believe food should be served in abundance around a table, or on a simple picnic rug, with family and friends, where people help themselves to what’s on offer. Food seems to have the wonderful ability to set an inviting scene and bring people together, through the common act of eating as well as the conversation that it can incite. More than that though, eating; smelling, tasting, crunching, slurping, savouring, brings joy at the same time as it nourishes and sustains. That is a wonderful combination.

My overriding belief is that food should be made with real ingredients. Sea salt, pasture raised eggs, extra virgin olive oil, sourdough bread, farmers market fruit and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, sustainable seafood, great quality chocolate, well raised meat, local honey, fresh herbs. That, time, patience and love.