Pici. A Kit.

Roll pasta by hand. Together. Feel good.

$45.00 AUD

This dinner kit brings people together. To make memories. To have fun. To connect.

There is so much joy to be found in the simple act of making a meal.

Let me show you how.

In the dinner kit is-

  • 00 flour and semolina for dough
  • pasta ingredients for up to six
  • full illustrated instructions
  • recipe booklet
  • pici playlist
  • includes packaging & postage

What’s in the kit?

In the pici dinner kit are the ingredients for a good time. Ingredients to inspire. Uplift. Ingredients for fun. And for dinner.

There are instructions. On how to create something from scratch. With your hands and your heart. To nourish your body and your soul.

A recipe booklet, with dishes you’ll want to make time and time again.

And also conversation cards, so that you can connect through sharing stories around food.

Why pasta?

To make something from scratch. With your hands and with your heart. To nourish your body and your soul.

The time honoured tradition of hand rolling pici will build you up. Show you what’s possible.

The simple task will also soothe your senses, slow you down and done in the company of others, this dinner kit will allow for connection and bring you closer to your people.

Who is this dinner kit for?

This dinner kit has universal appeal. It’s for families, fun for everyone, who can roll the longest strand?

For lovers, it’s a common endeavour for a date night, to get lost in, before losing yourselves in each other over a bowl of pasta like Lady and the Tramp

And for friends, to join your mates, in the kitchen, with a bottle of wine, laughing, chatting, moving, grooving, preparing dinner in unison.


“Gathering with my favourite humans to roll and eat pasta, and share stories about life and food was an absolute joy. Food and entertaining weren’t a big part of my childhood. We ate well but there was no magic about the experience of eating together. Doing the Pici Kit with my dearest friends connected me to this magic that I often feel I missed out on. And it reminded me that cooking and sharing a meal together doesn’t have to be complicated. Fresh ingredients, simple instructions, good company and some great conversation starters were the perfect combination for a wonderful night”


“We had a beautiful evening with lots of laughs and great conversation. There was a lovely sense of community and togetherness. Our hands were busy and our hearts were full. And the cherry on top: dinner was delicious!”


“The pici kit is the perfect reason to connect with friends, not just over a meal, but with the creation of the meal itself. Everything that you need for a great night. Highly recommended.”

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